What is a Transamerica Advisory Annuity℠

Preparing for retirement requires flexible tools investors can use to help build a solid financial foundation for today and tomorrow. We created the Transamerica Advisory Annuity for those exact purposes.

The Transamerica Advisory Annuity offers investors the opportunity to stay in control. It’s designed for the long-term investor who wants tax-deferred growth potential, legacy protection, and more in a lower-cost annuity.

How to maximize the investment 

To get the full benefit of an annuity, it’s smart to choose one that minimizes costs. The Transamerica Advisory Annuity helps make the most of investor dollars.


Lower costs

With low management fees and mortality and expense risk charges, average annual costs are more than 70% lower than the industry average of 2.18%.*


Tax deferral

By managing tax liability, investments have the potential to grow faster, which can help build an even stronger financial foundation.


No surrender charges

Add flexibility and savings by avoiding built-in commissions and surrender charges.


Sound investment choices  

Tap into the expertise of Vanguard and Dimensional Fund Advisors with portfolios designed for a variety of objectives.



The confidence that comes with an annuity issued by a highly-rated insurer.*


Protection for loved ones

Plan a legacy with the opportunity to provide an optional death benefit for heirs.

Why choose the Transamerica Advisory Annuity

All variable annuities share certain features, but not all variable annuities are alike. The fees and charges some have can be so high, they may cancel the benefits of tax deferral. The Transamerica Advisory Annuity offers a platform that aims to help investors make the most of their dollars in multiple ways, including: 

Key features

Investment Options:

A comprehensive lineup of investment options from some of the most recognized money managers in the industry.

Optional Automatic Asset Rebalancing:

Maintains the asset allocation balance selected by automatically transferring money between investment options on a regular basis without generating a taxable event, so the original allocation objectives are maintained. Restrictions apply. Please see prospectus for details.

Dollar Cost Averaging:

Allows for gradual investment over time, systematically buying more units when prices are low and fewer units when prices are high. This can potentially lower the average cost of variable units.

Dollar cost averaging requires regular investing regardless of fluctuating prices and does not guarantee profits or prevent losses in a declining market. Individuals should consider their financial ability to continue transfers through periods of both high- and low-price levels. Amounts allocated to the subaccounts of the separate account are subject to investment risk, including possible loss of principal. Restrictions apply. Please see prospectus for details.


During the accumulation phase, unlimited transfers between subaccounts are allowed each year without a fee. Restrictions apply. Please see prospectus for details.


The opportunity to receive guaranteed lifetime payments through a variety of payment schedules and options, should the policy be annuitized.

Policy Value:

Our lower cost death benefit option will pay beneficiaries the policy value at the time that we receive due proof of death.

Return of Premium:

Our most popular guaranteed death benefit option will pay beneficiaries the total of all premiums paid, less any adjusted partial withdrawals.


Issue Age:
Policy Value Death Benefit: 0-95
Return of Premium Death Benefit: 0-75

Minimum Initial Premium:
$1,000 (Qualified)
$5,000 (Nonqualified)

Minimum Subsequent Premiums:

Maximum Subsequent Premiums (per policy year after 1st policy anniversary):
$25,000 (Nonqualified), Lesser of $60,000 or IRS contribution limit (Qualified)

Maximum Cumulative Premiums:
Policy Value Death Benefit: $5 million (issue ages 0-95) without prior approval
Return of Premium Death Benefit: $1 million (issue ages 0-75) without prior approval

Annual Mortality and Expense Fee and Administrative Charge (M&E&A):
0.27% (Policy Value Death Benefit)
0.47% (Return of Premium Death Benefit)

Annual Service Charge: $25 (Lesser of current service charge or 2% of policy value)
The service charge will be waived if the Policy Value or Premiums less Withdrawals is equal to or greater than $25,000.

Withdrawal Amount Available Without Surrender Charge:

No Surrender Charges

Investment Option Management Fee:
Please see prospectus for details.

Educational material

A variable annuity is an important part of a well-diversified investment portfolio. See four different resources that highlight how our variable annuity can enhance a portfolio.


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Product Brochure 

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Product Fact Sheet 

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Vanguard owns and possesses all rights in the name "Vanguard Variable Annuity."

The Transamerica Value Variable AnnuitySM may be known as the Vanguard Variable Annuity, issued and administered by Transamerica, in your state. All guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company.

Withdrawals of taxable amounts are subject to ordinary income tax and may be subject to a 10% additional federal tax if withdrawn before age 59½.

The preceding information should not be considered to be, and does not constitute, personalized investment advice. It is intended for educational and informational purposes only.

The Transamerica Advisory Annuity is a direct response variable annuity that cannot be purchased based on the advice or recommendation of Transamerica or other financial professionals.

All policies, living benefits, and forms may vary by state, and may not be available in all states. ICC19 TPVA11IC-0819, ICC19 TRMD12IC-0819, TRMD1200-0819, FRMD12NY-0819, TPVA11FL-0819, and FPVA11NY-0819.