Comprehensive Benefits Packages

Core employee benefits packages may be supplemented with additional benefits relevant to today’s workforce. From debt reduction to savings solutions to easy access to physicians, offering a variety of benefits can help meet the needs of both employers and employees. 

Additional Benefits 

Benefits like student loan repayment, HSAs, and telehealth can help companies create a comprehensive benefits package that can aid in recruitment and retention.


Student Loan Repayment

The 2020 TIAA Nonprofit Student Debt Survey found that student loans cause at least some stress for more than 61% of people who have them. Programs to help repay their loans directly or resources to make their loans more manageable can help employees face the future with confidence. 


Health Savings Account

For employees with a high-deductible health plan, a health savings account (HSA) is a powerful way to set aside money for healthcare expenses. HSAs provide a triple tax advantage, offer flexibility and convenience, and can even act as a supplemental way to prepare for healthcare costs in retirement. 


Prescription Drug Discount Card

Prescription drug cards may be offered at no cost to employers and employees by some providers. It can help employees save on most medications that aren’t covered by other healthcare plans. 



Telehealth consultations are a fast, easy way for employees to take care of their health. They can typically talk to a licensed doctor by phone or video from anywhere 24/7. 


Cancer Management

Some companies offer ways to address cancer-related issues that arise in the workplace. These benefits can help organizations support employees in their efforts to prevent cancer, to know the early warning signs, and to help them manage their treatment.


Physician Referral 

Physician matching services help guide employees who need specialized care by connecting them to specialists with proven expertise who can help them on their journey to better health. 

"Over 50% of Americans believe wellness is defined as having the means to take care of family, not worrying about money or debt, and feeling protected financially from life’s unexpected events."

Other Employee Benefits Solutions

Employees can be even better prepared for the unexpected by electing additional benefits.

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