Protecting What Matters Most

Employees can’t predict the future, but they can prepare for it. 

When employees protect what matters most, including their families, their finances, and their health, it can help them live their best lives.

The Benefits of Life Insurance  

Life insurance can help protect families from financial hardship in many ways. It can provide money to help beneficiaries maintain their current quality of life while allowing them to continue to pursue longstanding goals such as saving for college. It can also help them pay for funeral expenses, debts, taxes, and other needs. 

Supplemental Life Insurance Solutions 

Options such as annually renewable term life, term life, whole life, and universal life insurance are designed to meet different needs.


Group Term Life 

Group term life insurance can be offered as employer-paid or voluntary and is designed to help protect families from financial hardship in the event of a death. Knowing their loved ones are protected can help employees worry less, which can lead to greater productivity.


Term Life

Term life insurance offers financial protection for a specified period, or term, and premiums are typically less than on a universal or whole life insurance policy. Terms are often available in 5-, 10-, or 20-year lengths, depending on the intended purpose of the life insurance and when important milestones are met. If optional riders are also available, they can help employees add an extra layer of protection.


Whole Life

Whole life insurance helps protect families for the long run. It’s a permanent life insurance option that often has a guaranteed death benefit and a cash value component. When it offers these extra benefits, in addition to helping provide families with financial support for funeral costs, credit card debt, and other expenses when a loved one passes, the policy also has a cash value that grows tax deferred, which the policy holder can borrow from if needed. 


Universal Life

Universal life insurance is a permanent life insurance option with a guaranteed death benefit that can be used to cover funeral expenses, credit card debt, or other costs. It also includes a cash value component. Policies will sometimes include portability with retirement or a job change as well as premiums that won’t increase over time. 

Other employee benefits solutions

Employees can be even better prepared for the unexpected by electing additional benefits.

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