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You have goals for your financial future; utilizing the tools and solutions we’ve developed, and resources we’ve shared from the American Heart Association®, you can also have a strategy to help you get there.

Learn about the link between physical and financial well-being. Access interactive tools and resources to help you more effectively navigate the road to a more financially secure future.

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Heart Disease Is Costly, But Prevention Can Be Simple

Eighty percent of all heart-related diseases are preventable.1 Learn how to identify warning signs, reduce risk factors, and proactively safeguard your health.

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My Life Check®

This free heart health assessment, monitoring, and improvement tool from the American Heart Association is interactive. It’s designed to help you lower risk for heart disease and stroke and improve your overall health by addressing risks for cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and depression.


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Know Diabetes by Heart™

This diabetes management initiative from the American Heart Association and American Diabetes Association® helps educate and empower individuals living with Type 2, so they can combat heart disease and stroke and lead healthier lives.

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Knowledge Center

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What's Your Retirement Score?

The first step towards feeling prepared for retirement is knowing where you stand. Assess your progress, and see if you’re on course to reach your goals.

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Type 2: Heart-to-Heart Talks

Watch these insightful, inspiring, and solution-oriented talks from Know Diabetes by Heart to learn more about the strong link between Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease and how to manage it.

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5 Ways Your Behavior Impacts Your Finances and Health  

How do certain actions impact your overall well-being? Learn how to avoid common mistakes and make more confident decisions with research-backed recommendations.

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Useful Ways to Help Manage Healthcare Costs

An unexpected medical bill can really hurt your hard-earned savings. Learn ways to help manage medical costs — outside of traditional insurance.

Transamerica and the American Heart Association®

Transamerica is proud to be a national supporter of the American Heart Association's Healthy for Good™ Be Well platform.

Building Healthy Habits

The American Heart Association offers resources to help employees with diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, smoking cessation, healthy eating, caregiving support, and more to stay heart healthy for a more enjoyable and attainable retirement.

Build financial security

Manage your retirement account and take steps now to safeguard the financial future you and your family deserve. See your performance, update contributions, and more.

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1 "CDC Prevention Programs," American Heart Association®, 2018