This changing world is filled with new opportunities.

It also requires planning for longer lives so people can live them to the fullest. That's where we come in. Transamerica offers research-based tools, education, and guidance that work in people's real lives today and anticipate an evolving future. 

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Planning for individuals

The right life insurance policy may serve as the foundation for a client’s overall financial plan, in addition to helping them leave a legacy.

Planning for business

Life insurance can play an important role in empowering business owners and entrepreneurs to protect and grow their businesses. 

Tax Facts at a Glance

From tax brackets to 401(k) contribution limits, keep up-to-date with important tax information with the 2024 version of Tax Facts at a Glance.

MIT AgeLab 

MIT’s AgeLab is working to understand the challenges and opportunities that changing longevity and lifestyles create. Tapping into this wealth of knowledge helps us better support financial professionals with the solutions they need to help people navigate longer retirements. 

The Planning for Longevity Advisory Network (PLAN)

Longer life changes everything, especially retirement. MIT AgeLab is working to better understand the future of advice in the global longevity economy. An important part of that involves learning from financial and retirement planning professionals from around the world.

Hearing firsthand from caregivers

Understanding the needs and experiences of caregivers is an essential part of MIT AgeLab’s research. To do that, they launched an online panel giving caregivers around the world a voice. We’re proud to have spearheaded this effort with MIT, and to align our work with its findings so we can better serve caregivers and their families. 

Understanding the impact of longevity on work, finance, and well-being

Longevity. It’s an evolving dynamic — a promising pattern — that opens new doors to new conversations about life stages, retirement planning, and advice. Our research collaboration with MIT AgeLab will better inform financial professionals and employers on ways to help their clients and employees live longer, and better.

Cost of Caring for Alzheimer’s Calculator

The unknown can be easier to navigate when people are informed. We funded this interactive tool. It helps people better understand the out-of-pocket costs that can come with caring for someone who has Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias.

The Pandemic’s Perfect Storm: Examining COVID-19’s Impact on Gen Z and Millennials

We co-funded surveys that look at the economic realities young adults faced during the first two years of the pandemic. Though the outlook for these generations is complicated, the surveys found that the pandemic has changed young adults’ attitudes about work and finances.

Transamerica retirement and employee benefits research

Americans are working and living longer. That’s why we’re conducting research that will help guide us through evolving challenges and opportunities. We’re dedicated to understanding the future of retirement, and how employers can make the most of their workplace benefits to help employees succeed — no matter what tomorrow brings.  

How are U.S. workers preparing for retirement?

Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies® delves into the financial situation and retirement outlook of U.S. workers across a wide range of demographic segments, with an eye toward enhancing retirement security and strengthening the retirement system. 

How are employers addressing the evolving workplace?

Employers are navigating new realities and adapting to the changing needs of their employees. Research from the Transamerica Institute® examines employer business practices, benefit offerings, and adoption of best practices for today’s diverse and multigenerational workforce.

What does retirement mean to different generations?

Workers across generations — Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z — are envisioning long and purposeful lives. How do these different age groups view retirement, and how are they preparing for it? TCRS research examines the commonalities, differences, and opportunities for all. 

What does retirement look like for women?

Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies® conducts extensive research on the gender gap and the retirement-related risks encountered by women. These studies offer recommendations for policymakers, employers, and individuals for improving women’s retirement security. 

Resources for financial professionals and their clients

We consistently create content for financial professionals to share with their clients and tools to help grow their business. This comprehensive library of resources is updated regularly.  

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